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A Professional Illustrator of Japanese Ancient History and Archaeology.


1978-1989 Graduated, Kyoto City University of Art
Major: Japanese Traditional Painting
Bi-annual European Medieval Village Landscape and Art Studies Tour (for two months every two years)
"Constellations of the Sea" (poem and drawing)

Exhibitions and Published Works
Art Exhibitions

2010 collaboration with the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts
gRebirthh at the gallery ART18/21 (Norwich UK)
2008 Gallery Syo (Osaka)
2007 Sannai Maruyama Ruin Park(Aomori)
2006 Bansui Gallery (Sendai)
2006 Asama Jyomon Museum(nagano)
2005 Gallery Matius8 (Kyoto)
2005 Hasimaya Gyallery (Kurasiki)
2004 Gallery Syo (Osaka)
2002 "Aki Sahoko Jomon Illustrations" at Hikari Memorial Museum, Gifu
2001 "The Artists Jomon 2" in Aomori
2000 "The Artist's Jomon" at the Aomori Municipal Archaeology Park, Aomori and "Memories of Waterfront Villages" in Niigata
1999 "A Trip to the Jomon" at the Ivy Gallery, in Osaka.
Charity Exhibition for Japanese Suicide Lifeline Telephone Service, in Osaka.
1996 "Japanese Ancient Civilization: The Jomon World '96" at Shinjuku Mitsukoshi Museum in Tokyo, and at the Asia Trade Centers in Osaka, Sendai, and Aomori

Poems and Drawings (Non-commissioned works)

1987 "Constellations of the Sea" (poem and drawing)
1988 "Sokai" a literary coterie magazine (front page drawing and essay)
1988 NTT Internet Jomon Network essay No. 40 "A Little Festival in the Forest"

Museum Exhibitions (Commissioned works)

Osaka Municipal Museum of Yayoi Culture
-The Crafts of the Yayoi- (1994)

Aomori City Museum of Local History
-The Biggest Jomon Village in Japan- (1996)

Aomori Municipal Archaeology Museum of Sannai Maruyama
-Typical Jomon Youth (Male and Female)- (1995)

Yasu Town Museum of Yayoi Dotaku
-The Discovery of Dotaku Bells- and -The Burial Ceremony of Sacred Dotaku Bells- (1988)

Mitashiro Town Jomon Museum
-The Life and Death of Jomon People- (2002)

Published Works
Illustration for Asahi Newspaper (Asahi Shimbun)

Visual Color Encyclopedia of Japanese History
Issue 37 Family Life in the Jomon Period (full illustrations)

Encyclopedia of World History
Issue 29: Medieval Town and Thoroughfares (front cover and center spread)
Issue 48: Legend of the Troubadours (centre page spread)
Issue 98: Life of Goethes Werter (centre page spread)
Issue 123: Life of CoCo Channel (centre page spread)

Asahi Junior Science Digest 1988
"Where did Japanese people come from?" (full illustrations)

Issue 35: Midsummer Night Dreams of the Jomon (full illustrations)

Asahi One Theme Magazine
Original Japanese Races (full illustrations)

The World of Jomon Children
Picture book for children age 9 to 13, published by Shogakukan Publishing Co. - (full illustrations)

Total Japanese History Series
Issue 1: The origin of Ancient Japanese (full illustrations)

Illustration for Other Publishers

National Museum of Japanese History (and The Mainichi Newspapers Co.)
The Beauty of Dotaku -The Burial Ceremonies of Dotaku - (centre spread)

Kodansha Publishing Co.
Dotaku -Ancient ceremonial Bells -

Chuokoransha Publishing Co.
The Adventure of Jomon -The Trail of Ethnological Archaeology - (full illustration)

Obayashi Co.
Quarterly Obayashi magazine - Jomon -

NHK Publishing Co.
The Official Guide Book of Jomon World '96 (full illustrations)

Sanseido Publishing Co.
The Encyclopaedia of Japanese Archaeology (full illustrations)

National Geographic Japan
Map of Japanese History

Serial Works in Newspapers and Magazines

Weekly -Asahi Newspaper
1988-1991: Drifting through the Ancient World (every Saturday)
1991-1993: Scenes pf Medieval Life (every Saturday)

Monthly -Monthly Obayashi
1989-1991: 100 Years of Obayashi

Occasional -Mainichi Newspaper
1982: Flowers & People (series of eight issues)

Work for Television

NHK General channel
1993: ETV 8 "The Ice Man"
1995: NHK Special "The Discovery of the Sannai Maruyama Site"

NHK Educational channel
1989: Japanese History for High Schools "People's Lives in the Jomon Period"
1990: Japanese History for High Schools "The Differences between Yayoi and Jomon Faces"

Asahi Broadcasting Co. (ABC channel)
1995: News Station Special "Jomon City; Sannai Maruyama"

Stage and Theatre Design

Kuguno Town Theatre
1988: "A Jomon Fashion Show"
Costume and accessory design and production

Kagawa Municipal Hall
1999: "The Fashions of the Queens of Jomon and Yayoi"
Costume and accessory design and production

National Museum of Ethnology
2000: "New Year Jomon Workshop"
Organization, instruction and display of Jomon dolls for Jomon doll contest

Aomori Municipal Archaeological Park
2000: "Jomon Workshop"
Jomon dolls

Aomori Municipal Archaeological Park
2001: "Jomon Workshop II"
Design and creation of Jomon mask

National Museum of Ethnology
2000: "Jomon Symposium 2000"
Discussion panellist (clothes design and creation)


In the past I have worked for different clients on a commission basis. For any person or organization wishing to commission new work from me, I would be happy to seek letters of recommendation from former clients.
I can also provide a portfolio of work covering material not shown on this homepage.

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